starting blogging good aussie advice

As you might have guessed I am rather new to this whole blogging caper. I have just found some really good Australian resources for would be bloggers (not that I don’t value international input, it’s just nice to hear a local voice). lee hopkins post is a cracker also check out forward and young pr. This is going to be fun.


good god gandhi is back

remember when Barry Levine stuck a flower in the barrel of a rifle of a national guardsman at kent state uni. well the power of flowers and civil disobedience has returned with the growing gandhigiri movement. just when I thought the world was absolutley stuffed people get ready there is a train a coming. and muhammad don’t need no credit card cause he just praise the poor….

there is one thing i like about john howard

I never thought I’d say it but there is one thing I like about john howard,

 he walks (as in most morning the funny little fella hops out of bed, dons his green and gold, and hit’s the street).

American presidents love it thus spake Freddy Nietzsche on the subject“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.” And this morning I was reminded what a bloody good idea it is. Googling walkers for this article I discovered our very own aussie walking legend. Well don’t sit there go for a walk.

rss tutorial

Just trying to get my head around getting setup with feeds and the like. I found

    this tutorial

looks good so far. I thought you might like it too, have a great day. Dean

Very Cool – A Week In Art

sometimes you see stuff that is just plain cool. last night while explaining technorati to a friend I noticed 1 week of art works as one of the top rated video’s. this is what the long tail gives us so much more interesting than dancing with the stars

continuous partial overload

so i have now had a blog for a week. and i marvel at th difference between reading and scheming and actually writing a blog. the scrutiny of the audience is a clarifying influence. web 2.0 has begun to deliver on the promise that we all saw in the early 90’s. but what was a thrilling yet almost invisible thought has become a physical sensation and state of being. the thought has become text, pod and mp4 if not flesh. not a carnal flesh, but it is flirtatious. it is burning eyes and butterflys, it’s insane outside the membrane as we collectively give a prosthetic world brain. linda stoned us with conintual partial attention, and i for one hav got the munchies.

sandstone ecclectic

Drinking and smoking again I feel the real
Watching Aussie girls in Pakistan make fashion
And Balinese goddesses return to the cosmos
Foreign correspondent
Dreaming of a cocktail
Of hindi, Cania, wulli wulli, Sydney, bali, sandstone and soul
Wearing a fez and a sarong making fabric
Waking in subtropical semi evergreen vine thicket
Water trickling, ceremony, fire, something for the hear
Cania conquered
Cultural B&B for you and me

Giant Temple bell
Prayer wheel
Pottery Wood fired kiln
E capability
Ethic chic

Making movies via email
Vision realised on screen
Black plastic
Mikado wrapped in white cheesecloth like an Arab the earth ayatollah

let’s get the party started

this is the first post. since i first learned to read and write i have been keeping journals, notebooks, and a multitude of other scribblings. my studio contains volumes of ponderings, quotes, cunning schemes, and confessions.

however it has become my unintended practise to leave the first page or two of a new journal vacant.
you see i have a particular passion for a killer frontice piece and/or opening line, so even though a thought might demands recognition it rarely seems to have the poignancy to wear the jersey of first entry.

and so after much to-ing and fro-ing about what might be an appropriate first post might be, here it is, it’s done.