looking for the 10 smartest ways to get a footy player to take his/her clothes off!

the fullmonto.com are giving away a full set of fullmonto beefcake postcards. if you’ve got a hot tip for getting rugby league / union, aussie rules, or soccer player, to get their gear off! let the fullmonto team know and you could win postcards of hot aussie rugby league players buff. all proceeds from fullmonto support brain injury awareness. check out thedigg story here, the fullmonto post here and the fullmonto myspace blog post here


more hot shots

if you haven’t visited fullmonto.com lately you’re missing out on all the action as the monto roos move ahead in leaps and bounds. check out thier latest photos via this post.

blog for brains – what if you had the power to help and did nothing?

brain injury shatters lives, not just the immediate victims but their loved ones as well.

as you know if you have been reading fullmonto.com, the fullmonto beefcake calendar will raise funds for the brain injury assocation of queensland. if you are reading this post, there is something you can do to help the gang at http://www.fullmonto.com .

1. share this post with friends
2. if you have a blog. blog for brains (link to this post or http://www.fullmonto.com)
3. visit www.fullmonto.com maybe even leave a comment
4. make a donation at www.fullmonto.com using the ..make a donation button.. on the right hand side of the page

any or all of these actions could take you less than 10 minutes. this simple action could save a life or help to repair a damaged one. if you can assist in any of these ways your support would be greatly appreciated.

link to digg story

worlds within worlds

astrobiologists have discovered two new biospheres, who would have though all those dreamy converations under the stars turned out to be right. check out this blog’s sister www.deanpower.net

full monto goes myspace

remember those guys getting buff for brains we now they’ve got a myspace page. if you seenthe fullmonto website and thought it was funny will you please spread the word. it’s for a really good cause and these blokes need our support

what else can we do to beat climate change?

well it could be looking at things we’ve always done and finding a way to do them differently. you might have seen an earlier post on this site about high school kids making bio diesel. we all know growing trees helps combat greehouse emissions by sequesting carbon right? so that makes forestry to good thing but could it do more The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations is asking this very question. check out this post at private forestry southern queensland to find out more

can 13 blokes go from biff to buff?

the footy season may be over. but one rugby league team is gearing up, to get thier gear off. the monto roos from central queensland australia are posing for a beefcake calendar to raise money for the brain injury association of queensland. follow this blog as the lads go from coy to calendar boy in just one month. monto’s master lens man ross stockwell will fire the flashblubs and snap the shutter on a bunch of blokes more accustomed to biff than buff.Central & North Burnett Times 09Nov2006 pg2

get all the details at www.fullmonto.com

check out my new “pigmoosed” blog at www.deanpower.net


this will be my last post on this site, I have moved to www.deanpower.net. I would like to thank everyone who has made this blogging experience so positive that I have just had to go and set up my own. I hope to see you at deanpower.net

My First Wordpress Site

I have been tweeking my first WordPress site Private Forestry Southern Queensland as far as I can tell it is one of the first Natural Resource Management websites in Australia to use blog technology. If you have an interest in sustainable forestry check it out.

$25 000 For Green US Kids

“We’ve got to get to the kids, it’s going to be thier planet”

Working in environmental organisations over the past three years I have heard comments like this one all the time. Or some variation of this, but rarely is it acheieved. Adults want the kids involved but usually on adult terms.

So I was pumped to see Jeff’s sustainablog’ s post re a $25 000 eco challenge.

Can anyone out there concieve of a way of getting something like this going in Australia?