wild aussie boys not wearing britney’s panties naked on film

14 aussie footballers were not wearing britney spears panties when they got nude for a beefcake calendar, now you can see it on you-tube. their “making of ” video mash up shows behind the scene footage, images, and a fantastic preview of the calendar. all funds raised got to the brain injury association of queensland

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will this sundance bomb kill hollywood?

imagine sitting in your bedroom with “9 PCs and a Green Screen closet” making your own feature film on your own imagine your film is rejected by distributors at Sundance. imagine this oversight was the greatest mistake they ever made.

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the first film i ever made

check it out made in a hotel room in cairns, with windows movie maker, and some files from my mobile phone and fuji compact.

the fullmonto beefcake calendar – the making of

can 14 nude aussie guys defeat brain injury? probably not, however the monto roos are raising much needed $$ and awareness for acquired brain injury. for the full fullmonto story visit www.fullmonto.com

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save youtube, good people do something

youtube is under serious threat. if you believe youtube has a place in the web 2.0 you need to act now. all it takes for the powers of evil to rule the world is for enough good people to do nothing. what will you do?

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