gorgeous cania gorge!

have just finished helping out some friends set up thier own wordpress blog. cania gorge retreat is located in gorgeous cania gorge. it’s a great place to stay and relax. if you are so inclined they have an annual fishing comp coming up.


Done & Dusted features on Embed Your Video

The Melissa Crowther video has been featured on Embed Your Video. It’s a cool idea check out this post at deanpower.net for a discussion of the merits of Embed Your Video..

Man Shoots 14 Nude Aussies

Ross Stockwell, Digital Image Maverick confirmed he has shoot 14 nude Aussie guys in an effort to defeat brain injury. Stockwell was Director of Photography for the Fullmonto Beefcake Calendar Project that raised some serious $$ and awareness for the Brain injury Association of Queensland.

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Is this the Outback’s hottest new photographer?

Melissa Crowther opens her first exhibition at the Proliteriat Gallery in Monto, Central Queensland Australia. The black and white prints breath new life into neglected and derelict items in outback landscape. Tasmanian master photographer Craig Hoehne opened the exhibition, commentary by digital image maverick Ross Stockwell.

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i have been trying vodpod as a way of hosting a play list of videos. I really like it and while it is new and doesn’t have the membership youtube has yet, I am getting a similar number of views each day from vodpod. below is my vod pod you may have seen the movies before but let me know what you think of the player etc.

As I can no longer embed the flash player for you, you can check out my vodpod here.

Blood Drenched Roadkill & Beauty

The loney highway reveals gory road kill and beauty on a journey throught the heart of darkness.

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