i have been trying vodpod as a way of hosting a play list of videos. I really like it and while it is new and doesn’t have the membership youtube has yet, I am getting a similar number of views each day from vodpod. below is my vod pod you may have seen the movies before but let me know what you think of the player etc.

As I can no longer embed the flash player for you, you can check out my vodpod here.


the first film i ever made

check it out made in a hotel room in cairns, with windows movie maker, and some files from my mobile phone and fuji compact.

the fullmonto beefcake calendar – the making of

can 14 nude aussie guys defeat brain injury? probably not, however the monto roos are raising much needed $$ and awareness for acquired brain injury. for the full fullmonto story visit www.fullmonto.com

check out the making of video here