Done & Dusted features on Embed Your Video

The Melissa Crowther video has been featured on Embed Your Video. It’s a cool idea check out this post at for a discussion of the merits of Embed Your Video..



i have been trying vodpod as a way of hosting a play list of videos. I really like it and while it is new and doesn’t have the membership youtube has yet, I am getting a similar number of views each day from vodpod. below is my vod pod you may have seen the movies before but let me know what you think of the player etc.

As I can no longer embed the flash player for you, you can check out my vodpod here.

war of the worlds 2.0

this is a bloody clever clip about the web 2.0 check it out

worlds within worlds

astrobiologists have discovered two new biospheres, who would have though all those dreamy converations under the stars turned out to be right. check out this blog’s sister


this will be my last post on this site, I have moved to I would like to thank everyone who has made this blogging experience so positive that I have just had to go and set up my own. I hope to see you at

starting blogging good aussie advice

As you might have guessed I am rather new to this whole blogging caper. I have just found some really good Australian resources for would be bloggers (not that I don’t value international input, it’s just nice to hear a local voice). lee hopkins post is a cracker also check out forward and young pr. This is going to be fun.