beefcake calendar on sale thursday

you have probably hear about the fullmonto beefcak calendar see posts below. it goes on sale thursday”


nude calendar preview

if you have been foloowing, what you have been waiting for has arrived check out this preview of the monto roos nude calendar. don’t forget to donate and when they go on sale buy a calendar. it’s for a mighty cause.

looking for the 10 smartest ways to get a footy player to take his/her clothes off!

the are giving away a full set of fullmonto beefcake postcards. if you’ve got a hot tip for getting rugby league / union, aussie rules, or soccer player, to get their gear off! let the fullmonto team know and you could win postcards of hot aussie rugby league players buff. all proceeds from fullmonto support brain injury awareness. check out thedigg story here, the fullmonto post here and the fullmonto myspace blog post here

more hot shots

if you haven’t visited lately you’re missing out on all the action as the monto roos move ahead in leaps and bounds. check out thier latest photos via this post.

full monto goes myspace

remember those guys getting buff for brains we now they’ve got a myspace page. if you seenthe fullmonto website and thought it was funny will you please spread the word. it’s for a really good cause and these blokes need our support

can 13 blokes go from biff to buff?

the footy season may be over. but one rugby league team is gearing up, to get thier gear off. the monto roos from central queensland australia are posing for a beefcake calendar to raise money for the brain injury association of queensland. follow this blog as the lads go from coy to calendar boy in just one month. monto’s master lens man ross stockwell will fire the flashblubs and snap the shutter on a bunch of blokes more accustomed to biff than buff.Central & North Burnett Times 09Nov2006 pg2

get all the details at

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sandstone ecclectic

Drinking and smoking again I feel the real
Watching Aussie girls in Pakistan make fashion
And Balinese goddesses return to the cosmos
Foreign correspondent
Dreaming of a cocktail
Of hindi, Cania, wulli wulli, Sydney, bali, sandstone and soul
Wearing a fez and a sarong making fabric
Waking in subtropical semi evergreen vine thicket
Water trickling, ceremony, fire, something for the hear
Cania conquered
Cultural B&B for you and me

Giant Temple bell
Prayer wheel
Pottery Wood fired kiln
E capability
Ethic chic

Making movies via email
Vision realised on screen
Black plastic
Mikado wrapped in white cheesecloth like an Arab the earth ayatollah