Flawless Skin not just for the Rich and Famous

What if you could have salon quality skin treatment in the comfort of your own home but for a fraction of the cost? My dear friend Jodie has been on a mission for the last few years to get some affordable skincare into the hands of everyday people. Check out her website http://www.homepeel.com.au for a free sample. She says skincare should be affordable!

In 2005, Homepeel entered into a partnership with a renowned Australian skin care manufacturer that specialises in natural products. Our vision was the same… ‘Salon quality skin treatments for home use at a fraction of the price’. Two years later, we saw our first product out on the market.

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yourtube or watch shit for the rest of your days

new media is a participatory democracy, so participate. the price of indifference is to watch shit the rest of your days.

new media is a gift to those of us lucky enough to have access to the internet. however “of whom much is given, much is expected”. the gift of youtube is being squandered and as media convergence continues content, trends and movement in new media will influence more and more traditional media.

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Free Four Eyes

Four Eyed Monsters is a cool little indie picture that is now available on YouTube. I am pretty damn certain that this is the first full-length ever legally put on YouTube. Check it out. Hopefully we see a LOT more like this in the future. Make sure you buy the DVD a) to support the artists b) so you can watch the podcasts on the big screen.

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Boots No 7 Protect and Perfect serum – a revolution in skin care.

The facts and background of the hottest legal retail product on the market today. Sold out in Britain, US, Amazon, waiting lists, it’s absolutely bananas. But does it work? Why is it literally flying out the door before it even gets to the shelf?

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Do you as a Digg users take Democracy for granted?

A recent Digg comment raised an important question. Should Digg users give a crap about democracy? In Queensland, Australia, rural communities are facing annihilation by undemocratic amalgamation of local governments. Digg users benefit for a strong grassroots community built through the sacrifice of others. Should Digg support democracy elsewhere?

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Country Races – Monto 2007

Each year the people of Monto in Central Queensland, Australia dust off their glad rags and head for the track. Country races in Queensland are under threat so it’s a great day when everyone can get dressed up and let their hair down

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‘Is it worth giving Idebenone a go?’ ask Miffny

Dr Jo is at it again providing straight shooting answers to the biggest questions in skincare
Miffny’squestions about Idebenone
1. Is it worth giving Idebenone a try?
2. What about the Skin Actives Scientific DIY formulations of Idebenone?

Visit skinrevision.net.au for beauty facts you can use.

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DIY Save Your Face! Make your own Vitamin C serum.

It will save you $$$$ and save your skin. Dr Jo Turner at Skinrevision.net.au has put out the post of the year for anyone conerned about the health of thier skin. Skinrevision has an excellent post today with a recipe to make your own Vitamin C serum.Vitamin C and E protect your skin from UV induced cell damage and reverse the aging of your skin. With a few easy to find ingredients from your local chemist or drugstore you will be giving your skin the best available care and you’ll have done it yourself.

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5 urban myths about Botox ® and the facts.

Is there anything on the planet more misunderstood than botox. Straight shooting from a real GP about the 5 biggest lies surrounding botox, before you make any decisions get the facts. Visit skinrevision.net.au and get all the facts.

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Win $2000 In Cosmetic Medicine Treatments!

What are you doing today that will prematurely age your skin? How will keep your skin looking young and fresh. This is a good comp! Subscribe to the blog and leave a comment. It’s really easy!

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